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Niner Ping!


Put simply, the phone should Ping! if you happen to be near another Niner (same town, event, airline). The aim of this feature is to foster connections between Niners in the C9 community.

Note: A privacy contract must be in place between persons.

Bonus: Ping! should become higher pitched with decrease in interpersonal distance.


Domovoi wrote Jul 13, 2010 at 4:21 PM

I like this a -lot-. Like that 9 Guy around the world feature, this is a great example of something that only works on a mobile platform, and it's arguably more useful too.

As for the privacy contract, we could make that less complicated at first by simply adding an "allow other Niners to get notified when I'm near them" setting. Later on we could implement some sort of white/blacklist for more finegrained privacy control.

Another idea: when niners get pinged, offer to take a picture with the phone and automatically send it to the nearby niners so they can see where you are (Cheesy "wish you were here" holiday card overlay optional), in case you're in a conference hall or something with no GPS reception/cell tower triangulation.